And… you’re ready to do it surrounded by a group of other inspiring female Business Owners in the wellness industry. 

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You’re a Wellness Entrepreneur who is ready to re-energize your business and find the confidence you need to level-up. You’re looking for clarity on where to focus so you can maximize your ROI on your time and energy. You want to take your business from “it’s-working” to “it’s booming” all while make sure you feel grounded, inspired, and aligned with your truest purpose. 

a yoga teacher who’s ready to stop running from class-to-class and start broadening your impact + increasing your income. 

Whether you're...

a healer or wellness provider (acupuncturists, chiropractors, reiki healers, astrologists– we’re looking at you!) looking to attract more of the clients you’d love to serve by truly carving out your niche

a dermatologist who desires to cut through the clutter and define what makes you stand out.

a personal trainer looking to create new revenue streams so you stop trading dollars for hours

 a health coach or consultant who’s ready to get more eyeballs on the message you have to share

You’re in the right place.

And you’re about to learn how investing in yourself will help you create consistent income and regain the magic you want from your business 


Connect with a group of other inspiring females in the wellness industry who will not only empower you, but who will value your experience + voice as well.

Be coached by Jeannine Morris Lombardi, TV personality and sought-after certified holistic health coach, and Kate Lombardo, world-renowned yoga teacher trainer + online entrepreneur, who will teach you everything they’ve learned in their combined 30+ years of experience

Define your mission and learn how to create a steady, sustainable income in your wellness business in a way that works for you-- this is all about figuring out what YOU want + setting a plan to make that happen.

Be inspired through mindset work + guided self-care activities so you take care of the most important person in your business… you!

Master organization + focus by learning our tried-and-true specific, actionable tools and systems to use in your business that will help you free up time and maximize sales.

Finally become your #1 cheerleader + publicist by learning how to generate media coverage + buzz about your biz so you can get the recognition you deserve.

By joining the Work Well Collective you will… 

Get crystal clear on your message and learn how to truly connect with your audience through authentic content marketing that's not salesy, but will bring in sales. 

"Signing up for coaching sessions with Jeannine was one of the best decisions I ever made for getting to a happier, more balanced place in life. Make no mistake: YOU have to put in the work, but Jeannine will be there every step of the way, guiding you with great advice and words of encouragement.

"Best decision I ever made"

"Honestly, Kate taught me to not only believe in what's possible, but to actually achieve it."

"Kate is an expert that leads with her heart. 


As an entrepreneur you wear literally every hat there is – social media star, sales professional, graphic designer, copywriter, email marketer, administrative assistant, web designer… you know… all.the.things.

The problem is that in doing everything you’re likely not spending enough time doing the thing that’s in your genius zone.

This program is going to start by reconnecting you to your superpower (or defining for the first time if you’ve never figured it out) and helping you determine how to spend more time where you belong. 

You’ll also take a deep dive into what’s truly on your heart so you can set goals from a place of true alignment and purpose, and then create your game plan to make them happen.

Month 1: Find Your Focus

Here’s what you can expect during the 5-month journey….

Once your superpower is defined + aligned, it’s time to step into those big beautiful shoes and own it– that’s what month 2 will focus on. 

This month you’ll identify exactly what kind of CEO you want to be and who you want to work with– both in your audience and on your team. 

You’ll spend time defining your values and then learn how to translate those values to your business so you’re fully aligned not only in your work, but in your life as well. 

Plus, you’ll identify which social platforms you want to focus on so that you can share that identity with the world and build your dream audience. 

Month 2: Personal Branding

Once you’ve honed in on your brand identity + goals and the dream clients you want, it’s time to start attracting them. 

Month 3 will be all about defining your voice and owning your own story, and then using it to attract more clients. 

We’ll talk copywriting, content marketing, email drafting, and visual storytelling so that the next chapter of your story is all about that time you did a group coaching program and waltzed right into booming success in your biz.

Month 3: Authentic Marketing

Take a deep breath– inhale, exhale– because in month 4 we’re going to dive deep into the topic that shouldn’t be but always is the elephant in the room… MONEY. 

Plain and simple, it’s time to figure out how you can make more of it and do so in a sustainable way by working smarter not harder. 

This month will focus on refining your sales funnels, creating passive income streams, and getting over any baggage you have in your relationship with money. 

We’ll get hands on into creating better systems on the backend of your business so that all of your hard work + efforts on the marketing front are driving real results. 

Month 4: Bring in More Income

join the collective

The group of women we’re bringing together are not meant for playing it small and staying behind-the-scenes… they have big dreams + want to make a big impact… and that’s what’s happening in Month 5.

This month will focus on how you’re going to take your business to the next level and how you can do so by freeing up your time. 

From hiring team members to investing in advertising– we’ll figure out what you can automate, what you can outsource, and what you can just flat out leave behind.

You’ll learn the art of creating the perfect elevator pitch and learning how to leverage that into media + partnership opportunities. 

We’ll talk about all-things influencers, cross-promotion, and public speaking so that you learn how to exponentially grow your business and reach the masses with your message.

Month 5: Embracing Growth

Magic happens when women support women… and this collective is going to be full of magic.

When you join the Work Well Collective you’re making the choice to lean into connection + support so you can stop doing this whole entrepreneur thing on your own. 

We’ll be honest… we decided to create this because, well… we were lonely and we figured there’s probably women just like us who feel the same.

After years of working to grow our businesses, connect with our audiences, and expand our income, we were tired of not being able to fully relate to others who are in a more traditional 9-5 work setting. 

Very few people in our lives just “get it”... and it can be really hard to not have “coworkers” who understand what you’re going through in your day-to-day work. 

Plus, as entrepreneurs, our work is also our greatest passion, which is a very different experience than 99% people. 

This program, at its core, is all about letting go of the do-it-alone mentality and instead forming a support system who you can lean on when things get tough but also toast with some bubbly when you’ve got something to celebrate. 

It’s about finding other women who are rooting for your big dreams and want to see you succeed because they know that when women do big things, only great things happen. 

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of. And if you’re a female entrepreneur who’s all about lifting up other female wellness CEOs… then we hope you’ll  join us. 

Jeannine + Kate

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